Lift Me Up!

Lift Me Up is a non-profit organization which offers therapeutic horseback riding lessons and wellness programs for all ages and skill levels.

I am consulting the board on an end-to-end mobile and web redesign - ideating concepts, executing UX research, and presenting UI designs (wireframes, interaction and hi-fidelity prototypes/mockups), evangelizing for user-centric design decisions.

The mobile-first redesign is currently in its research and ideate stages of the design process and has yet to be developed.
Product Design Consultant
Figma, Squarespace
UX Research, UI Prototyping, UX Writing, Brand Development
Why this matters
Volunteers and donors are the lifeblood of Lift Me Up. A user friendly website will increase the organization's visibility and help attract more visitors to their site, which can lead to more support for their cause.

Additionally, a strong digital presence and rebrand will establish credibility and professionalism, a critical aspect of the organization's mission. By facilitating more communication with their users and making it easier to share information about their mission, activities, and events Lift Me Up will have greater reach in the community.
Board member buy in to green light brand and design decisions.

Extended timeline due to other organizational priorities moving to the top of the docket

Fully rebranding while simultaneously redesigning the website makes for a lot of change at once.

A simplified, responsive web design that emphasizes volunteer sign-up, digital donations, and  program registration - all while maintaining the brand image.

The solution is still a work in progress with no finalized designs at this stage of the process.
Design Process
To ensure I am addressing their various user's needs, I am embarking on a mission to fully understand the problems, goals, and potential barriers user's face as they navigate the Lift Me Up site.

This is an evolving process. We are currently in the empathize phase of the design process.

Competitive analysis

Information architecture (IA)


User interviews


User stories & Epics

Task flow




Usability Tests

High-fidelity prototype

UI library

01/ Empathize
Understand Lift Me Up's various user groups (riders, volunteers, board members, donors, staff, etc.) and the main priorities they have when interacting with the website. Also, what their current views are about the Lift Me Up brand.

Key Research Questions:

1. What criteria do people look for when choosing to get involved with a non-profit?
2. What is important for the organization to emphasize on their website?
3. What motivates people to donate to a non-profit organization?
4. What do people like most about the Lift Me Up organization?
5. How do people currently view the Lift Me Up organization?
6. What would people like to see more of when they visit the website?
Research was conducted through a competitive analysis of similar organizations, information architecture of the current website, and an online survey made up of both multiple choice questions and open response questions to gain both qualitative and quantitative insights.

Participant Criteria:

- Adults aged 20 - 70 years
- Currently aware of Lift Me Up and involved in some way
- A member of the community in Great Falls, VA where the organization is located
- Owns at least one digital device (ie. Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer)
Coming Soon.